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November 2, 2021

Thanksgiving in Utah! I am so excited about flying to Utah to visit The Ross Family (my youngest sister Martha and her hubby Len) for two weeks and to feast with them on Thanksgiving Day. They always have gazillions of relatives at the three houses near Salt Lake City and tons of food. Loads of children and adults too amidst Morman Country . An old-fashioned winter holiday it promises to be. 

 More about Utah later ...

Change of Schedule for October 2022 Travel

An ongoing series of domestic and world travel experiences

November 5, 2021

Due to the passing of my dear friend Roger in 'Wales, this is the new itinerary for the trip to Britain next year.  Wales and Scotland will be for another trip.  Roger had kindly offered to be my knowledgeable tour guide in Wales, and I was to meet his beloved family: wife, kids, and grandchildren,  

22 DAYS  

October 20 - 23.      WINCHESTER, Hampshire 

October 23 - 30.       WEYMOUTH, Dorset

October 30 - November 2      STAMFORD, Lincolnshire

November 2 - 4.     NORWICH, Norfolk

November 4 - 6      LAVENHAM, Suffolk

November 6 - 10      CANTERBURY, Kent

(Although an ambitious schedule, no more so than if I were going with a tour group.)  

BLACK DOT is London.    RED DOTS are towns on schedule.    BLUE DOTS are places I've visited before. 

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